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Ehlers Estate


Updating your Ehlers Estate Membership


To update information pertaining to your annual membership:

  • Click on the Club List tab.
  • The Edit club tab will allow you to update your shipping information and your credit card information. 
  • Either choose an existing address or credit card or decided to add a new address or credit card.
  • Save changes.

Updating information outside of the club:

(This should only be used when making changes that will not affect your membership):

To update an address:

  • Click on the address book tab
  • To edit an existing address, click on the edit button
  • To add a new address, click on the “add a new entry” button

To update a credit card:

  • Click on Credit Card Tab
  • To edit, click on the “edit” button and add, then save the card to your profile.
  • To add additional cards to your account, click on the “Add new credit card” button.
  • If this card is to be used to charge your membership, make sure the corresponding box is checked.  

If you are having trouble updating your account or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or 707-963-5972.


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